The products offered for the cement industry are used in processes of clincker calcination, crushing, grinding, etc. for the main equipments like ovens, coolers (trademarks Fuller, Folax, Polysius), etc.

Some of the pieces that we supply to the cement industry are:


  • Oven plate nose
  • Feeder ladles
  • Chains for heat transfer (system by humidity)


  • Stainless steel for hot zone, cold zone.
  • Hammers for clincker crusher
  • Chains of rake (links)


  • Armour plate for cover
  • Diaphragms (grooved and blind)


  • Hammers
  • Bars, etc.
Spare parts for burners, oven in pyrolisis zone, in convection zone, radiation zone, etc.

  • Wall support
  • Ceiling support
  • Pipes support
  • Pipes connections (45 and 90 degrees, mule legs, etc.)
  • Spare parts for burners in vapor generators.
  • Air boxes
  • Piping for burner
  • Cold basket
  • Baffles
Parts for crushers and grinders.
Fittings for changing points and internal transportation (subway).

  • Frogs
  • Ending points
  • Parts for boogie (hubs, arms, etc.)

Different types of valve parts like:

  • Bodies
  • Bonnets
  • Bridges
  • Disks
Spare parts for paper and cardboard crushers.

Suspension parts.

Spare parts for sugar mills.
Complete line of spare parts (cutting tools) for earth moving equipment for different trademarks like:

  • Colters
  • Ending points
  • Points
  • Adapters
  • Zanks
Austenitic stainless steel spare parts for the food industry machinery.
Parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers