Our company was founded in 1957 under the name of Fundiciones Altzairu, S.A. de C.V., with the purpose of manufacturing blades and cutting tools for earth moving machinery as well as assorted pieces for the mining industry. At the end of the 60´s decade, the manufacturing of steel castings began complementing the original product lines with more specific products oriented to a wider range of industries.

In 1971 we started producing special steel alloys and since then, we have developed innovative production methods and we have made equipment investments aiming to obtain the best quality and service for our clients, which has granted us a prevailing position in the steel casting industry.

By the late 70´s, the company´s core business was no longer the original one but the special steel castings for all kind of industries with two different views, the steel castings by specific customer requirements which was a low inventory business and production by PO´s only, and the high volumen production of tools for earth moving machinery, a business of high inventories and large product range. It was then that the idea of forming the group “ALTZAIRU” was conceived, focusing on steel and its manufactures. The registered brand since then, has set a benchmark of commitment to quality and service in the market.

With the sudden commercial opening of Mexico in 1989, international competitivenes pressures reached our domestic market, and the skills developed in the past allowed us to stay in the market and keep our growth rate. It was clear for the company however, that new strategies and changes needed to be done in order to maintain our position, and we initiated a deep and complete revision process of our structure and procedures leading to a better performance in the new environment conditions.

With the accumulated experience during its over 60 years of life, with the skills and continuous training of its personnel, its philosophy to satisfy with excellence all the client’s necessities, the persistance to stay at the vanguard in materials development and manufacturing processes, as well as with the support of its clients and suppliers, it was possible for ALTZAIRU to maintain the national leadership in steel castings and to be recognized abroad as a competitive manufacturer fulfilling all the aspects of its Mission, Vision and Quality Policy in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.


Mexican company creating value for our customers, improving joint competitiveness and productivity through integral solutions, supporting growth of talent and skills of our employees, towards the generation of top products and services and achieving commercial strength.


To be our industry benchmark with continuous growth based on:

  • Product and service quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Development of our human resource

Intimately committed with our society and evironment.


Customers are most important for Altzairu

It is responsibility of each and every member of Altzairu to completely fulfill all the processes of our Quality Assurance system in order to:

  • Guarantee our products
  • Achieve customer satisfaction
  • Maintain continuous growth